On last night’s discussion about the spring Budget, we heard from activists all over the country who are either experiencing severe hardship during the pandemic, or are helping others who are struggling to get by.

The overall picture looks bleak with foodbanks struggling to keep up with demand and more people facing the choice between heating and eating.

While Andrew Fisher saw a small glimmer of optimism from some of what Keir Starmer said in his reaction to the budget, Howard Beckett was brutally honest.

You can watch the whole discussion below:

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  1. Time to create a peoples party and smash the Labour party then smash the Tories , Labour will never ever be a socialist party.

    1. i wait with bated breath, until starmer i have been a labour voter and member since i was 18, no more, i pray for a radical social alternative

  2. I can never in good conscience support the party being led by starmer and really can’t believe the support he has my difficult choice now is who do I support

  3. Howard Beckett makes a series of important points about the weakness of the Starmer/Evans leadership. I agree with him on nearly every point. The weakness in his analysis is when he places his hope in the trade unions to provide the opposition we need to the government’s policies. He makes no analysis to support this hope even though our unions suffer from many of the same problems as the LP (bureacratic organisation, lack of member participation, habitual conservatism) plus long-term declining membership. They are also unable to advance beyond sectional interest to genuinely political positions (hence their support for the 3rd runway at Heathrow and for Trident renewal). The LP left needs a reality check regarding the political potential of our unions.

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