Over 85% of Labour members believe the party should push for patients who have received their first dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine for Covid-19 to receive their second dose within 21 days (as instructed by the manufacturer).

A poll of nearly 1,400 people carried out by Labour Grassroots uncovered anger and grave concerns about the government’s decision to delay the booster jab to three months – on top of many other aspects of their handling of the pandemic.

‘By not offering real opposition on this as on many other things, the Labour Party leadership effectively becomes complicit,’ said one respondent.

Another respondent said: ‘The Labour frontbench are behind the curve on almost every aspect of policy.’

The issue of delaying the second dose of the vaccine hit the headlines today when Joan Bakewell released a statement that she is threatening legal action on the issue.

The fact that the delay to the second dose of the vaccine was suggested by Tony Blair – who has no medical background – has also made people question whether the government and Labour’s frontbench are really ‘following the science’.

Over 82% of those surveyed also said that not enough has been done to give people confidence about the safety of the government’s vaccination programme.

Labour’s commitment to the government’s vaccination programme – and to stopping the spread of anti-vaxing messages – should mean they would be happy to address fears about the delay to the second dose of the vaccine.

However, none of Labour’s health team have volunteered to come forward to answer questions from concerned members on this evening’s discussion on Labour Grassroots.

The show will go ahead without any MPs and we will be joined by Dr David Wrigley (Deputy Chair of the BMA) plus Labour activists who are nurses, statisticians, local councillors, carers and people who have been shielding and are concerned about the safety of the vaccine programme.

We will also hear from people who believe the government and Labour’s frontbench that it is safe to delay the second dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine.

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