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      Megan Mason

      Thank you, Crispin.
      Tonight’s Fire and Rehire zoom meeting was not only inspirational, but also alarming, as we heard about how workers rights are being eroded.
      Ricky Tomlinson gave us a searing account of how the establishment came together 48 years ago to imprison him and his fellow strikers.: this week they were finally exonerated.
      But let his story be a lesson. the freedom that we fought for over decades, are being dismantled. Covid Climate Change and workers rights are enablning the Government to remove all of our freedoms.
      The time has come to speak out.
      The time has come for solidarity with those at British Gas, Good Law, and other strikers throughout the country.
      Join a Union. The Union leaders on the Zoom Call need to know we are behind them and that all the uninios should act together on this.

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